Get to Know APL With Dyalog and Win a Cash Prize

Hye Shim

Whether you’re new or experienced in APL programming – Dyalog offers you the chance to solve problems using APL programming language for cash prizes!

The APL community is very welcoming to new members, and practitioners from diverse fields are very willing to share know-how. It is often surprising how relevant ideas from other fields can be within your own! In addition to software engineers and computer scientists, the community is made up of individuals whose primary skills are mathematics, finance, bond trading, computational biology, petroleum or electrical engineering, etc.

How will you score? Find out and you could be a lucky winner!

Student competition for new tech tools and ideas launches at Digifest

Hye Shim

Students are now  invited to submit their ideas for technologies that will improve the learning experience for Summer of Student Innovation 2016.

The annual competition – run by Jisc – is open to learners in further, higher education (HE) or skills in the UK. It is designed to harness students’ innovative thinking about how technology can make life better for learners, researchers and apprentices, and give them the support they need to develop their ideas into products for the future.

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Students invent gloves to speak for hearing impaired:

Hye Shim

‘SignAloud’ gloves translate sign language gestures into spoken English.

  • Two US students have designed gloves which translate hand gestures
  • ‘SignAloud’ gloves translate American Sign Language to spoken English
  • The entrepreneurial pair recently won $10,000 for their innovative design
  • Initially aimed at the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, the gloves could potentially find use in stroke rehabilitation and virtual reality.

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Projector turns any tabletop into a touch-sensitive display:

Hye Shim

Sony’s Future Lab is a R&D group responsible for taking crazy ideas into the prototype phase, and one impressive vision shown here at SXSW in Austin this week is a projector that turns any flat surface into a screen for light to play on. The “Interactive Tabletop” concept uses depth sensors and motion tracking to know when objects are placed on the table and even bring storybooks to life. The project looks like a fully realized version of the augmented reality coffee table inventor and technologist Bastian Broecker constructed back in 2012 using a PlayStation Eye camera and a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

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