Course Reserve Request Form

  • This form is used to place a physical item (such as a textbook) on reserve for use by students in the TSU Library Learning Center. Items are placed on course reserve when they are of high interest for classes currently being taught. Reserve items are shelved behind the course reserve desk on the first floor of the library.

    Reserve items which belong to the professor (personal copy) will be returned when the class is over. Requested items may also already belong to the library (library copy). Items already placed on Course Reserve can be found under the Course Reserve tab of the library catalog:

    Please be aware that if the library does not own the requested item, you must provide it to us, or request that we purchase it. The TSU Library Learning Center does not buy textbooks.

    For more information about Course Reserve, please contact Ms. Charlean Sheard ( at 713-313-1082.

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